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Production Base :3.9 SQ.KM. Industrial Park ,Eco-Tech Development Zone,Anqing 246005 China

Tel: +86-556-5305905, 5305906,  5305907,   5305908

Fax:  +86-556-5318882



Ship Products Marketing and Sales Department:+86-556-5321443;5305905(6、7、8)ext 8077

Ship Products After-sales Service Department:+86-556-5319891;5305905(6、7、8)ext 8088


CNC Marketing and Sales Department:+86-556-5311035;5305905(6、7、8)ext 8301

CNC After-sales Service Department:+86-556-5311035;5305905(6、7、8)ext 8301


International Trade Department

For Mechanical and Electrical Products:+86-556-5314403

For Chemical and Chemical Light products, PV and LED products:+86-556-5357972 



Shanghai Office

Address: Room 1626, Yuzhou Jinqiao International Building,No.333 Jingang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Tel: +86-21-51972596

Fax: +86-21-51972596




Taiho Co.,Ltd

Address: Room801 Chuo-Ku Tanimachi Building , Tanimachi 3-4-5, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 540-0012,JAPAN

Tel:  +81-(0)6-6966-0028

Fax: +81-(0)6-6966-0029